Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year, Halloween lasted 3 days. Friday, Jane and I went to the park district Halloween party. That was kind of crazy but Jane had fun riding on the big toys (she learned how to ride forward for the first time!) and spent 20 minutes picking up small beans that had spilled from one of the games, putting them in her bucket, taking them out of her bucket, putting them in her bucket, and so on.

Saturday we went to the Trunk-or-Treat at the church. I got to take Jane around while Brandt passed out candy. She said please and thank you every time! It was so cute I almost cried. I love my little baby. She went to bed much too late that night.

Sunday we went to a party my friend Sabine was throwing. We met up at an activity at Jarvis Square where they had dancing and face painting, went to like 4 houses trick-or-treating, and then met back up at Sabine's place for crepes. I ate way too many crepes and drank way too much cider. Jane fell into the glass coffee table right when we got there so she spent most of the night next to me with a fat lip and bruise across her face like the Joker. Jane went to bed much too late that night BUT she slept in the next day.

So, now Jane is obsessed with her candy bucket. She will not let go of it (seriously, I can't even pry it out of her little hands) and will spend ages putting candy and toys in and out and in and out... I am happy to report that she only had like three tastes of candy and I ate the rest :)

Here are some pictures from Jarvis Square:

I just realized I look like a giant in this picture.
A group of toy story characters walked past me and I had a strong feeling like I should turn around and walk with them. They had everyone but Mr. Potato head. They needed me!
My little tiger. She didn't like that to wear the head part. I guess I don't blame her... it's kinda weird to wear the head of another animal on your head.
Waldo and the tiger. They love each other.
Now we're going to play "Where's Waldo".
Can you find him?
How about now?

And that's a wrap.


AoK Buttons said...

Love it!

Cheryl said...

You still have Mr Potato head, I've been wondering if you kept it or not!!!