Thursday, November 11, 2010

Janie: 18 months

Yay for Jane! She turned 18 months on Monday. My life has been so consumed by couponing (it takes so much longer to coupon without a car) and online Canasta (I'm on a HUGE losing streak) that I haven't had much time to blog. Don't get me wrong, I still think up blog posts while on walks or in the shower... so here is a list of Jane randomness...

Jane took off her pants for the first time today and brought them to me. So begins the stage of undressing herself at inconvenient times.

Jane likes to spit in her hand, rub it around with a finger from the other hand and then touch me. She's gross. She also discovered nose holes. Again, gross.

We bought that nasty nail polish to put on Jane's thumb so she won't suck it anymore (her thumb is really irritated and needs to heal). She wasn't one bit fazed by it. $5 down the drain.

Earlier this week I took off Jane's diaper so we could shower and turned around to put it in the pail. When I looked back at her she lifted her foot and said, "uh-oh". She was standing in a brand new puddle. I took that as an opportunity for a potty training lesson and taught her what had happened. Then I cleaned it up. Yes, my job does have some drawbacks but at least she was a foot from the area rug.

We taught Jane the alphabet and she can now say about half of the letters clearly and the other half are just sounds. She's so smart :)

Jane goes to nursery now. It's not that cool... I'm now a nursery teacher. Boo.

She just took her pants off again.

And, I can't think of anything else right now... I miss her being a baby all ready.

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Katie said...

Being a nursery teacher isn't too bad, at least they get snacks ; ) I'm Raleigh nursery leader too, woo!