Monday, November 29, 2010

Rexburg Trip 2010

We left Chicago week before last and headed to Rexburg. Brandt was asked to speak at an Art Seminar there so we decided to make a trip out of it since his brother was also having his homecoming that Sunday.

We left Wednesday morning pretty early and a wonderful saint of a girl gave us a ride to the airport. That saved us time, hassle, stress and money so we were/are really grateful. We flew to SLC, rented a car and drove 3.5 hours to Rexburg. We stopped and ate at Red Robin, where I'd never been before. Who knew they had unlimited fries!?!

We met up with Anna (my sis) and Chris (her hubby) in Rexburg. We took a tour of their mansion, met their fish and then went out for dinner. We had Bajio, cupcakes and yummy drinks. I feel fat thinking about it.

That night was the worst sleep night of my life. Jane was really sick so with that and being in a new place and traveling all day she didn't do so well. She'd sleep for 20 minutes, cry, cough, cry, sleep for 30 minutes, cry, sleep with us for 20 minutes, rinse and repeat. It was awful. I almost took her to the ER because she was coughing so much and was running a fever. But, after getting back to the room from looking up insurance stuff, she was asleep with Brandt. We got 3 hours of sleep that night. Worst night sleep since being a parent!

The next day I sat in front of Anna's house while Jane slept in the car and while Brandt was at the school prepping for the presentation. That was a boring 2 hours... Then Anna, Jane and I played and watch Celine Dion in all her glory on their awesome TV.

When Brandt was done we went out to lunch at the Pizza Pie Cafe (aka Crego's). Since Jane was not feeling well it was a fast lunch. Then Brandt went back to the hotel and napped while Anna, Chris, Jane and I went to Fat Cats to play a game of bowling. I won, by a lot :) Then we played some games including Whack-A-Mole (they were actually sharks) and we got 100 tickets for about 3 or 4 bucks and that included like 5 rides in a car for Jane.

Around 5pm I took Brandt to the school again for the presentation and headed to the ER with Jane. I was worried she had croup and wasn't even about to have another night like before. She didn't. The doc took some xrays just in case it was pneumonia. It wasn't but she wasn't happy about that. They figured it was just an upper respiratory infection so we were told to just keep giving her tylenol and she would get over it. She slept much better that night but I think it was because we got a port-a-crib from the front desk and put it in the bathroom.

After she went to bed I fell asleep reading my book. Brandt woke me up about 10pm with a DQ Blizzard. I ate it and went back to sleep. I feel fat thinking about it.

We got up the next morning, ate, packed and headed over to Anna's and Chris's to say good bye. We played Mario Cart and Anna slaughtered me. Then we drove back to SLC.

Brandt's Dad picked us up from the airport where we dropped off the car and we drove to Orem. We got to the house and Jane was pretty excited about the new place and all the toys. She fell down the half flight of stairs about 5 times. Then she learned her lesson and hasn't fallen since. Brody made us yummy fajita's and Oreo truffles, we played pool and just chilled.

And next up, our Utah trip... in parts, don't worry :)


the fellers said...

I DIDNT KNOW YOU GUYS WERE HERE!! And I am so excited Brandt got to do an Art Seminar, Shon did one in March, and it was pretty fun to go to, sorry you had a sick baby girl though! I cant wait to see more about the utah trip!

AoK Buttons said...

mario was payback for bowling. thanks for comming! it is now in the top three highlights of the year.

ChrisandLindsay said...

You guys came to Rexburg??!!! Wow, I had no idea it would have been fun to see you guys and catch up! Next time you'll have to let me know and maybe we can get together for a couple hours!