Monday, December 13, 2010

It's a snow day

Last night it basically blizzard here. We made Orange chicken and potstickers for dinner and then went downstairs and played "Are you smarter than a 5th grader" on the Wii with the Tateokas.

Today it's in the negatives so we're stuck inside. I just worked out to Post Natal Bootcamp. Yes, it's been 19 months since I had a baby but I got fat over the Thanksgiving break. Jane actually laid on the floor (instead of on me like she did last week) and did some of the exercises. My arms are jelly typing this.

So my daughter is cute. I have had 2 really good days in a row with her. Meaning, we laughed a lot and played a lot together instead of frustrations and timeouts :) So, I've started thinking about all these cute little things she does and things she's learned lately...

---This morning she came up to me, said "push", and leaned against me while she pooped. Then she took my hand, brought me to the changing table and patted it signalling she needed a change. That was a first! And yes, I thought it was cute.

---She constantly says, "juice" all day every day. It means any liquid. She takes our finger and takes us to the fridge. The other day she was pulling on the door handle and actually opened the door. Uh, oh...

---We were about to go outside and she needed shoes. I asked her to go get her shoes. She walked off and said, "Shoes?, shoes?" as if she calling for them. I actually do that as a joke and she's mimicking me! Then she went to her room and brought me both her crocs, the ones I wanted her to get. She's so smart.

---She can now do all the hand motions to Popcorn popping. It's the cutest thing.

---She is really good at letting us brush her teeth and spitting into the sink on cue. She doesn't like having her top teeth brushed though but I think it's because I get too close to the "lip connector".

---Her prayers have gotten REALLY short. They don't work as real prayers anymore :(

---Today she spent 20 minutes putting toys in and out of our snow boots.

---She is still the most ticklish baby ever, which is super fun for me.

---She just said Cheerios (correctly) for the first time. And, she says "go go go" when she wants the train to move or wants to go home.

So, after thinking about all of this I love her more. She's still a HUGE stinker pants and is fake whining all the time but it makes me laugh because she does the silliest and weirdest looking face when she does it.


the fellers said...

oh she is so cute, I love the "push" story. Not sure if you have an Ikea there, but we got a fridge lock there, infact we got a lot of kid proof stuff there, but i love the fridge lock, Scoty still cant unlock it, he locks it all the time, so "Sister" cant get in, but then gets mad because he cant undo it....I have to train babysitters to do it sometimes to! Merry Christmas!

Sarah said...

This is why I love blogging so much more than scrapbooking or even journaling. We include the "little" things as well as the big things, and at the end of the year, we can print it out! You'll appreciate this in a few years even more than you do now!