Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree 2010

We SO almost got a REAL Christmas tree this year. We were this -- close. We don't have a car so our only option is a cafe down the street and they charge an obscene amount for a small tree that would end up covered in snow on our balcony till March. I made one again this year. We are probably going to get an artificial one (I hate the word fake) on clearance after Christmas so this MAY be my last homemade tree. I think it's the best one so far...

Total cost: $1.50 (tape and paper)
Materials: 2 large boxes (cut out and taped together), wrapping paper, foil, ornaments and lights.

Here are some pictures:
I LOVE her big belly. Today we had to ask her if she was prego as she got in the bathtub because the rest of her body is SO tiny!

One of her favorite things right now are the lights on the tree. If they're off she'll say, "On on on on on on" and point to the outlet until we turn them on.

She could sit by the tree forever.

But after a while she starts playing with the presents so we tell her not to and then...

I LOVE this picture. It's our new desktop image.


Angela said...

love that last one!

the fellers said...

I love that....and I dont know, I think it is totally brinkerhoffish to have a paper always have had one, why start now? I think it is a great tradition, although a "real" or "artificial" tree is nice too, but your trees are so clever and cute!