Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I've been singing Once There Was A Snowman with Jane and now she'll get, "tall Tall TALL" and "SMALL, Small, small." It's pretty cute to watch.

And, last night there was a ton of snow in our front yard so after errands Jane and I built our FIRST snowman together!!! Well, as you can imagine I did most of the building and she did a lot of swatting and kicking so I promptly moved her to the other side of the yard. That gave me some time to build since there was a lot of snow for her to maneuver in :) Our friend Joseph came home as we were building so he helped occupy her as I finished it up. Now we have a short and morbidly obese snowman sitting on our lawn. How festive!

Today I went out to get a picture of it in the day light and I was saddened to see someone decapitated it...

So, I rebuilt him and gave him new life. Meet Mr. Snowman...

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