Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Photos

We had such a wonderful Christmas/New Years. Brandt had off over a week so we just played, played, played and ate a lot of yummy food. Christmas Eve we went to the Humpherys' home and hung out with a bunch of friends. It was only 8 or so blocks away so we walked over as it snowed. It was such a nice walk and really brought in the Christmas feeling, especially since Brandt and I sang carols along the way. The next day we hung out with most of the same people at the Brunson's home. Jane was in heaven with all the toys from both places. The following Monday we went to the Wisconsin Outlets with the Van Den Berghe's and enjoyed some yummy Noodles and Company afterward.

For New Years we just kept it low key and stayed home. Brandt played airplanes all night on a borrowed Wii and I played online Canasta all night. We really bonded.

And now we're back to reality. Here are some pictures from Christmas. I actually like the blurriness of them because it shows Jane's excitement. Her first REAL Christmas!

Christmas Eve: Per Arnett tradition Jane got to open one present.

She did a great job opening her gift and all her gifts the next day too.

Some new pajamas from Grandma Brinkerhoff! I love them because they say happy and Jane says "happy" really cute these days.

And the beads Grandma let her play with over Thanksgiving!!

Both of them together, bag lady style.

My daughter. We love her.

Christmas Morning after stockings and before presents.

We are so blessed!

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