Monday, January 31, 2011

Fun, $$ Saving Day

My best savings day EVER was today.

But, before I get to that, I love my daughter. She spent 2 hours screaming in pain trying to poop today... 2 HOURS (yes, I did give her a suppository... I hate that word)! I held her the whole time while she struggled, screaming in my ear. After 1.5 hours, I brought her to my bed so we could both be more comfortable and she fell asleep within 5 minutes! I almost woke her up because it was 9am and she isn't supposed to nap until 12:30 but I could tell she was just exhausted. So, I watched her sleep and then took a nap myself while cuddling her (I never get to do that). I let her sleep for 45 minutes and then woke her up. She woke up happy but immediately began trying to poop again. Luckily she got it out after a half hour.

Then we went shopping! We took the train to Walgreens, CVS and Target. Jane did superb in every place and on the train (with help of snacks of coarse). Target was our last stop so after we were done shopping we enjoyed some Pizza Hut bread sticks and an ICEE (I had coupons for both... hehe). Jane was super cute. I LOVE my girly lunch dates. She can now say ICEE and points to the machines whenever she sees one. Here's to childhood obesity! Now Jane is sleeping and my back hurts from hauling all of the above, Jane, and her stroller on and off the train w/o the help of elevators.

So, my savings...

2 Peanut Butter Snickers
2 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
2 Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Cereal
8 Olay Soap Bars
1 Toddler Bike helmet (75% off!!!)
4 Bags Tostito's Chips
2 Tostito's Salsas

Saved: 49.92
Spent: 4.84 (the price of the helmet alone)

9 Skippy Peanut Butters
1 Herbal Essence Gel
1 Aussie Gel

Saved: 40.53
Spent: 2.58

3 Herbal Essence Conditioner
1 Herbal Essence Shampoo
5 Natrol Melatonin Sleep Aids
4 Blink Tears
1 Neuragen Pain Relief
10 Butterfinger Snackers
3 Degree Clinical Woman's Deodorant

Saved: $135.97
Spent: $38.45

AND, I left with $61 in Register Rewards

Today I got everything on the table for free and MADE $15.13!!


These are all the little things said...

Please tell me how you do that!!!!

Angela said...

Yahoo!!!!!!!! That is great! I am only getting two or three things this week so you totally WIN!

the fellers said...

how. do. you. do. that? You need to start a blog to let us all know how you do that, and tips and stuff, cause you are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!