Thursday, January 20, 2011

Girl's Lunch Date

It's cold outside, like less than 20 degrees cold and when you add the wind... yikes! So today, Jane and I figured it was time for a lunch date. We hopped on the train and headed to Chili's. We shared a chicken caesar pita (not on the menu anymore!!!) and fries. It was delish. Then, after the waiter brought the check I changed my mind about getting dessert and asked for the chocolate molten cake.

You see, I NEVER get to order it because we don't go there much and when we do we either don't want dessert or I don't want to order it b/c only I will eat it. I guess I do have to admit for Brandt's sake that he has let me order it before (the day I got out of the hospital when I was 27 weeks prego and I guess on my birthday too).

So, Jane and I shared the cake. She LOVED it! I knew she would but it was so funny to watch her eat it. I'd put some on her HUGE spoon and give the spoon to her. She'd put the spoon in her mouth and keep it in her mouth while and threw her head back. That's my girl. Now I know who to share it with. She even let me have most of it unlike my sister Anna who takes cheap shots and steals it off my spoon before I can even get it to my mouth.

We paid with my Christmas gift cards (thanks Brandt and Ann) and now Jane is fighting her nap... probably too much sugar :)

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the fellers said...

so fun, you are such a fun mommy!