Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mo Bock

Jane is learning about 3 new words every day. She jibbers and jabbers all day and I can understand most of it. I don't think most people know what she's saying but I know quite a bit of it...

side = outside
nana = banana
cock = clock
gock = sock
tall tall = she wants to sing the snow man song
amal = animal
juice = any liquid
co = it's cold
mo = more
bop bop = either she tooted or heard a toot :)

I'm still not sure what two of the words are that she says ALL THE TIME.

One of them is... sounds exactly like a swear word and rhymes with hit. She's constantly swearing!!

The other sounds like "em-ee". Absolutely no idea.

Last night Jane ate some chicken nuggets for dinner. She had 5 which is normally a little too much for her to finish. Well, after she was done she kept saying, "mo bock" over and over. Brandt gave her some prunes and after she devoured those she still kept saying, "mo bock". It took a while but he eventually figured out she was trying to say "more chicken nuggets". She's so smart. Yes Jane, chickens do say bock bock.

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The Randalls said...

So cute!!!!