Saturday, February 26, 2011

Elder Joshy

(Elder Arnett and his lovely sister, me.)

I went to Texas Saturday evening for some family festivities (baby brother going on a mission) and just got back Wednesday night.


It was heaven.

Saturday: Went out to eat with my Dad and Josh and then went to Walmart with my Mom and Anna to get some fixings for the week ahead. Stayed up way too late.

Sunday: Went to Church where Josh spoke and I got to see some people from long ago. Afterward I took a nap, my Uncle Pat came over (he stayed until Tuesday morning) and we played cards with Cheryl Trahan. Played dominoes and stayed up way too late.

Monday: Slept in till 9am! Went to Shipley's for donuts with Anna, Josh and my Dad. Then I went couponing with my Mom, Uncle Pat and Josh... spent $34 and saved over $125. Anna, my Dad and I then went to the gym and then my Dad and I went to Putt Putt. I schooled him (3 hole in ones!) but he kicked my trash at Air Hockey. We went to eat at Logan Roadhouse (Texas Roadhouse knock off) and then came home and played Monopoly with Dad, Josh and Uncle Pat. Some things are unforgivable Dad, I'll just leave it at that. Stayed up way too late.

Tuesday: Went to the temple with the family. Awesome. Then we went Chili's. Awesome. That evening Josh was set apart. Played dominoes with my Dad and Anna, I don't think I'll ever beat him. Again, stayed up way too late.

Wednesday: Slept in till 9am! Hung out and then my Mom and Dad took me to lunch and then the airport.

It was a wonderful trip. So good to go home.


Mary Ann (Crockett) Ahlstrom said...

Sleeping in. Ahhhh! Good! Mmmmm...shirleys! Even Better! You look so cute there with your brother.

ward tools said...

It was just too fun to sell my property to Pat. It kept him in the game :)

Celia said...

yay! so glad you had such wonderful family time!

ps. you must teach me your couponing ways. where do you get them?