Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Jane's First FRENCH Braids

I didn't want to have daughters unless I knew how to French braid hair so I learned. And, Sunday I got to French braid Jane's hair for church!

She sat very calm and patiently while watching Cars as I did it.

Now I'm ready for her to go to girl's camp!

See Jane's Braids:

Anna, notice how I did BOTH SIDES of her hair and didn't quit after the first? She has SO MUCH LESS hair than you :)


Joshua Arnett said...

you have quit half way on me too

Celia said...

awww she looks so precious with french braids

Sarah said...

Funny that you mention Girls Camp. I went last year and tried to learn and was disappointed when I couldn't pick it up fast enough. I can do it, just not well!