Monday, February 28, 2011

New Words & Hair

It really seems like Jane is learning about 3 new words a day now. Today she was playing in her room, came out to me and said, "Kiss?" I asked her if she wanted a kiss because she's never asked for one before and she said yes and puckered up!

Also, randomly, she spent 20 minutes roaming the house saying, "Jesus Christ AMEN!" over and over! It actually sounded like, "Desus Kyste AMEN". Again, she's never strung all those words together.

While we were out running errands, I had the I-GO car for 3 hours today, Jane said, "Go Emi Home?" Awe! Emi is her new best friend who lives a block south of us. She's never said that before either!

I am so sad she's growing up. Like, really sad. Yesterday at church she looked so big and old in the little blue tennis dress we put on her for the first time. I'd give her permission to grow up if she'd promise to always ask me for kisses and NEVER say mean things to me. I'm not looking forward to teenage angst!

For now she's a little 1.87 year old who lets me do WHATEVER experiment I want to with her hair and I love it!

I had no idea what I was planning to do... I just went with it. Yes, she's watching a show so I can do her hair, genius.

And, done. Don't mind the red scalp, yikes!

This is her playful cheese/fighting Irish/cruncher face!

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