Thursday, February 03, 2011

Snow Day Fun

These are photos from our last snow day. Trust me, there is WAY too much snow out there now to take pictures while making sure Jane doesn't drowned in it.


Jane ready to play in her new snow gear. I love my chubby marshmallow!

She was super excited to play in the snow.

She kept asking for "bites" of it.

She thought it was very interesting.

We would have played "Bury the Jane" longer but she only liked it for a couple minutes.

This is Dad teaching Jane about snow angels.

See Jane make a snow angel.

Keep going Jane, you're doing great!

Yay! She did it! Momma's so proud!

Our happy family.

Wait, that's not Dad! Blog reader, meet Mr. Snowman. He's a lot better looking than my first.

Jane, AKA "Crazy Child of Terror and Destruction"!

As I was showing Jane this post before hitting "publish", she reached her hand to the screen, grabbed a pretend handful of the snow and took a bite of it. Told you, she's obsessed! I think it's her favorite food right now :)

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the fellers said...

oh my gosh, I LOVE that she grabbed a pretend handful of it! haha