Friday, February 04, 2011

Snowmageddon 2011

Here are some pictures from the CRAZY snow storm we received on Tuesday. The first and third are pictures my friend Alison took...

The day after in front of our building:

From our balcony 2 days after. Notice how high the snow is where the person in walking? I walked about a mile with Jane in the stroller today. BIG mistake. I ended up carrying both down some streets!

This is from the day after when we went to the beach. It's hard to believe it's a beach. It looked like an arctic wasteland. And, since the wind and snow were blowing so hard there was zero water in sight.

And Jane because I know you like her.

She's telling you "hello" but you came in at the "lo" part of it... just so you know.

And here she's saying "hi" to you while waving her hands. Yes, those are my gloves on top of hers.

My little cheeser.

My pretty little cheeser.

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