Tuesday, February 01, 2011

This blizzard and the crazies

Today someone asked me, "Are you ready for tomorrow?"

It took me a minute to figure out what she was asking. At first I thought I had a party to plan or a flight to catch but no, she was inquiring if I was ready for the blizzard that's supposed to hit tonight.

She was wondering if I had enough food and water, clothes and warmth to make it though the 18 inches of snow that's expected.

REALLY!?! It's going to last a day. 1 day. And, we NEVER get as much snow as projected.

So, do I have enough food and water, clothes and warmth to make it though the 18 inches of snow?

YES. Duh. Are there really people out there who don't? Yes, I know some people are unfortunate enough to be homeless, but the average person... If so, wow. I hope everyone who reads this blog has enough food in their homes to get by for quite some time without being able to shop.

According to the gossip at the indoor play area today, most stores here in Chicago were simply OUT of some food. People have been stocking up on essentials and bananas to survive this one day storm :)

Oh and the storm has come early. It's a white out right now. Good thing I have freshly baked bread, peanut butter cookies, and asparagus risotto to make it through!

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the fellers said...

ok, this happened in November here, they were predicting the storm of the century, and first of all, it wasnt even CLOSE to bad, and second, people were FREAKING out....I mean, if I had to be locked in my house for a month, I might start to get worried, well, maybe not, maybe 3 months....ok, i dont really know how long my food storage would last....hopefully it could last 3 months, but one day? I totally get you....you could technically go without food for 24 hours...dont we fast that long each month? I didnt get it either, but it made me think that I was supposed to be stocking up on things or something! haha...keep warm!