Friday, February 25, 2011

What a child can learn in 4 days

Jane learned a lot while I was in Texas. I come back and she's doing a few things I wanted to share.

She says, "oo oo" and "kee kee" all the time. Apparently "oo oo" is what she calls her monkey now, which makes sense since that's what a monkey says. Doesn't help that Brandt thought it was so cute that he calls her monkey that too. It is cute. It's all I can do to not reinforce it. "Kee kee" is what she calls her kitty. Those two are her best friends.

I went into her room last night because she started crying 3 hours after going to bed. I go to pick her up and see that her zip-up sleeper is all the way unzipped. Brandt said she did that the other night too. When he went in to get her in the morning, only her feet were still in her footy pjs. Good thing we put pjs on underneath because I have a feeling this is going to be a new thing she does when she's bored in her crib before falling asleep.

Oh and at Tot Spot she started jumping off the top of the slide. It's only 3 feet off the ground but it's the funniest thing to watch. I accidentally reinforced it because I couldn't stop laughing. When she jumps off, she jumps as high as she can and the first thing to touch the ground is her little bum. You'll read about her going to the ER from it soon...

And, because I think everything she does is cute, she does "Ballerina" on que now. This is where she gets on her tip toes, puts her arms out in front of her and twirls around... over and over and over again until she runs into the wall.

AND, she almost put a pair of pants on all by herself, she eats a cheese stick straight from the wrapper (instead of me cutting it into pieces) and is stringing words together! She's getting so big!

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