Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Carbon Monoxide

Last night we were woken up from a dead sleep at 2:45am. The carbon monoxide detector was going off. We ran to take the batteries out because not only is it ear piercing, it's right across from Jane's room. We started talking about how annoying it was because it goes off on occasion for no reason and what are you actually suppose to do, call the fire department to find out if something actually is wrong or just a glitch?

Right after we said that, we heard the fire in the oven heat back up... I had left the oven on warm!! So, thankfully the detector went off, and for good reason.

It took Jane an hour to fall back asleep and Brandt and I struggled until about 5am to fall back asleep (airing out the apartment kind of wakes one up). But, we're alive and I know you're glad to hear that.

On another note, my neighbor just gave me a large bag of homemade shortbread cookies, half-dipped in chocolate. I don't like him anymore. This may kill my will power.

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Celia said...

oh my. that's scary! i always forget to turn the oven off, because i use the microwave as my timer instead of the oven. so scary! so glad you three are okay!