Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jane's First Potty Joke

She's not even 23 months old yet and she told me her first potty joke today.

Last week she learned how to say her "whole" name. If you ask her what her whole name is she says, "Jane HOFF!!!" (emphasis and scream on the "Hoff" part). I don't blame her. Brinker is kinda hard to say.

Well, today we were on the train and I asked her what her whole name was. She looked at me with a devious smile as if she's been planning to use this one for a while, and said...

"Bum. Hoff."

Then she laughed.

I was shocked so I said, "Bum?!!! No! That's not your name silly girl" and tickled her and laughed with her.

BIG mistake. She proceeded to repeat that all day. By the evening time I was able to keep a straight face when she'd say it and told her that wasn't nice. She eventually went back to saying "Jane Hoff" but we shall see if I reinforced her potty joke!

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Liz said...

that is pretty funny!