Monday, April 04, 2011

Jane's latest

The other day I had Jane on the changing table and was painstakingly putting her boots on her. She started saying, "Bag, bag, bag. bag, bag". I told her that she could get the bag after we were done putting on her boots as she frequently asks for toys while she's up there. So, I struggled and twisted and shoved and finally they were on. I picked her up and placed her on the ground. I turned around for one second and when I turned back to look at her she had taken a boot off. I said, "Jane! Come on! I just put those on." She looked at me, then the boot, reached inside and pulled out a little bag.

Funny things she's been saying/doing:

I taught Jane to say "IDK" in remembrance of my brother Joshy and she says it perfectly. However, now when she says the alphabet she says, "A B C D (pause) I D K (pause) P Q S T V, and then a bunch of random letters. She USED to say ABCDFG... Oh well. At least it makes me laugh.

And yesterday I taught her to say "psych!". This morning she was in her room by herself and I heard her saying "psych!" to her toys.

She can also say "I do declare" which I taught her because it always made me laugh when Joshy would say it. Although... it sounds more like, "I do decares".

One more thing, Brandt let me sleep in a little yesterday. I was kind of waking up and I heard Brandt tell Jane to go wake mom up. Jane ran into my room yelling, "WAKE UP MOM! WAKE UP MOM!" That's a good way to me woken up (after adequate sleep of coarse).

I love teaching her new tricks. She's the best pet EVER!

Jane and her new sunglasses:

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