Friday, April 01, 2011

Much Needed Baby Proofing

Jane has one sleeper that doesn't have a little latch over the zipper and she's been taking it off during the night. That really scares me because once she gets that off, she can take off her pajama pants and then her diaper. I would cry if she ever got her diaper off. So. Gross.

Well, I fixed that this morning. I quickly sewed a little latch which should prevent her from taking it off for a while. Yay. Fingers crossed that this works.

Stinker needed her picture taken. Anytime she sees my phone or camera she says, "CHEESE!!!" and then "SEE!!" until I show her the picture. Oh children of the digital age.

Now it's time to get ready for the day. Happy Friday!

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Katie said...

Oh yeah, taking the diaper off during nap is the WORST! After Raleigh did that once, I had anxiety about it for months. Surprisingly, he only did it once that I can remember.