Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beach Day Break

On Wednesday we went to the beach. It was about an hour and a half away. This is what Jane did during the drive...

When we first got there, Brandt took Jane into the water. She LOVED bouncing in the waves in her new floaty chair. Then, Jane and I played in the sand/water while the others played in the water with boogie boards. After a while I relaxed on beach while Jane took a nap under many towels. We decided to leave a while after she woke up because it was pretty overcast and we missed lunch.

We packed up and headed to a BBQ joint where you could order as many sides and main dishes as you wanted. We, of course, tried everything which meant we packed our stomachs full. Then we went to Dairy Queen... I know, I know but I don't really have access to one here in Chicago and I had been craving a peanut butter Blizzard.

When we got back to the hotel we cleaned up and put Jane to bed. Then Brandt, Brody and I went on a LONG journey to the outlet mall (they're too nice) for some maternity clothes and Jane shoes. I did try hard to make it a quick trip.

Everyone except me got pretty sunburned, I actually only got a burn about the size of 2 quarters on my right arm where I apparently missed when applying sunscreen. Luckily though, no one was too uncomfortable.

Next up, Magic Kingdom and lots more pictures.

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