Friday, May 27, 2011

Disney World Part 2

On Tuesday we went to Epcot. We split up right away so Brandt, his mom and Brother could go ride the BIG rides. Jane and I occupied ourselves in an explore center. She LOVED the real fire truck and running around the building. Then we played a savings game. She had a hard time waiting in line for it (actually ran passed all the people and started crying when the worker stopped her). But, when it was our turn she loved it. She held the piggy bank while I played the games. It was a close call but I dominated the last one and earned Jane enough "money" to buy her dream bedroom (which she was saving for). She got a sticker.

Then we went on a boat ride about gardening, a Nemo ride and saw some water animals. We tried watching a 3-D Michael Jackson movie but Jane and I left because neither one of us liked it.

Epcot is fun because they have lots of different "Countries" to walk though. It was funny to see America. It was the "Colonial" America which is funny because that's NOT what it is today. I went in the restaurant to see what food "America" has. In case you're wondering, Grilled chicken sandwiches, Chili Dogs and Cheeseburgers... that's what we have to offer the world.

Brandt and I went to an all-you-can-eat German restaurant with Jane. Man it was PRICY but totally worth it for the experience. We all ate WAAAAAY too much. They had a band play for about 10 minutes and all the little kids went out on the dance floor. Jane wanted to do it too so we let her. Her dance consisted of spreading out a napkin on the floor and sitting and jumping on it. I had to stop her after a couple minutes because so many kids were running around, having a napkin on the ground wasn't the safest thing. While we finished stuffing our faces, we took turns watching Jane because she could not sit still anymore. For about 20 minutes she did nothing but RUN around the restaurant. It was pretty funny to watch.

The band:

We stayed to watch the fireworks and then headed back. I got a movie from Redbox and watched it while Jane slept and the others went to Magic Kingdom since the park didn't close till 1am. They wanted to get some BIG kid rides in while we weren't with them.

We all went to bed way too late again but slept in the next morning.

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