Saturday, May 14, 2011


Jane had her birthday party today which was a ton of fun. I'll post pictures and details later but for now...

After her nap and after everyone was gone, Brandt pulled out this little toy Jane got from nursery a while back. He named it Rosker. It was hilarious to see Jane FREAK out about it. She was so scared of it but wanted more and more. I would hold her while Brandt dangled him around by the invisible string and Jane almost clawed me to death, holding on so tight. Brandt and I were laughing so hard at our little birthday girl's misery. Oh the joy of being parents. She eventually gave him a kiss and patted him but that took A LOT of convincing. Now she keeps asking for more "Ryker" but when he get him out she freaks out again with this little laugh shriek.

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