Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day/Birthdays/Announcement

A lot has transpired the last week. We just got back from Orlando Saturday afternoon and are still recovering. Jane and Brandt are sick so I have a very whiny girl standing next to me as I try to type... but here's a quick rundown of what you missed while we were gone enjoying fun parks and beautiful weather.

Mother's Day: Very low key. I went to church while Brandt and Jane stayed home. It was kind of nice to get to go and actually pay attention. Brandt made me breakfast and dinner which was super nice.

Birthdays: I turned 26 on the 2nd and Jane turned 2 yesterday!! Sunday was OUR special day. Our friends Joseph and Alison brought Jane up some cupcakes RIGHT BEFORE her bed time. She really enjoyed the sprinkles and icing (obviously) and blew out both candles all by herself. All day she sang "Happy day to you".

Announcement: Yesterday, for the first time in her entire life... Jane got her toenails clipped! We went 2 years without needing to trim them and yesterday as I trimmed her finger nails I decided it was time for her toe nails. She can now say she went 2 years without needing to cut her toenails.

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