Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sucking the Thumb

Jane's been a thumb sucker from day 1 (give or take some time). She never really took to the binky and we didn't push it because we didn't like the idea of it.

Well, her thumb is her best friend and now that she's 2 we've decided it's about time to help her break that habit.

I read somewhere that if you limit where she can suck her thumb (her room) and slowly limit that (her bed) she will stop sucking her thumb. We've been doing it for two days and it's already working without much struggle!!! She knows she has to be in her room to suck her thumb and only slips up when I can tell she's forgotten. She doesn't even get mad at me when I tell her she has to be in her room to suck her thumb. She used to throw a fit if I said, "Jane, please don't suck your thumb."

Yesterday, she was snuggling with me on the couch and all of a sudden she slipped down and said as she walked to her room, "Go to my room, suck my thumb." It made me explode with internal joy that she is totally getting it!! She actually stopped after a couple steps, got distracted by something and forgot she wanted to suck her thumb.

Today, she was talking to someone on her calculator (her phone) and said, "Suck my thumb in room" and then hung up the phone. She just wanted to let who ever she was talking to know the new rules.

I expect some days to be hard but so far so good, so pleasant!!!

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