Friday, June 10, 2011

Baby #2 Heartbeat

Jane and I went to the OB Tuesday (in 95 degree weather I might add) for my 17 week check-up. She sat in a chair while the doctor checked for the heartbeat. When she found it I turned to Jane and told her that that was the baby and that the baby was saying hi.

A little after the appointment I asked her what the baby sounded like and she said...

"Shoo shoo shoo hi Janie shoo shoo."

I couldn't stop laughing, that was so sweet!

Now she keeps pulling up my shirt so she can say hi to the baby. She's going to be a great big sister.

(I find out June 25th if it's a boy or girl!!!)

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Mary Ann (Crockett) Ahlstrom said...

Can't wait to hear what it is. She is going to be a great sister!