Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hurta da Arm

Nothing makes me feel like a bad mom quite like it being my fault Jane got hurt. We were playing and I was swinging her around when I felt a pop. She cried for ages. I finally wrapped it up in a sling and gave her tylenol.

Jane wearing the sling:

She was fine for a while but her temperament changed. She was a completely calm and cuddly child. After it was wrapped, we snuggled on the bed for an hour listening to our hungry tummy monsters growl and giggling each time. It was super fun and I won't forget that moment for a long time.

Still after a few hours she hadn't gone back to normal. I kept trying to see if her arm really was hurt or if she was just being a sissy. I tried getting her to pick up a jelly bean with her hurt arm and she wouldn't do it! She LOVES jelly beans! So, I eventually took her to the ER.

They did X-rays but it wasn't broken and turned out that her elbow was dislocated. They popped it right back into place before I even knew what they were doing and Jane was back to her old self within 2 minutes flat. I'm sure the popsicle they gave her helped that :)

We went to the park after because I had been promising her and she played like a little monkey. She even climbed a rock wall!

Dad met us at the park and we went to Fornello's for dinner. On our way home, as we were waiting for the train, Dad was holding Jane's hand and she tried to jut off.

AND... elbow dislocation #2. Back to the ER we went.

The same Dr. saw us right away and fixed it in a second. It took Jane a bit longer to heal but she was back to normal quick enough.

Now we have to treat that arm like it's our precious fine China for the next couple months. I sure don't want her to get it hurt again and I especially don't want to have to pay that HUGE co-pay again :)

And, that was our day yesterday. So fun.


Holly said...

Yikes! Poor Jane...poor mommy!

the fellers said...

oh no! I am so sorry! I have been out of the blogger world for a while and totally missed this post!