Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sneaky Devils

Brandt got home from work while I was feeding Jane dinner. It was about 5 minutes to her bed time. After I finished up he said he wanted to play with her for a little bit before bed... I said ok. They went outside and played with bubbles for about 10 minutes.

I told them it was time to get ready for bed so he brought her inside and took her to her room to get her changed. After 10 more minutes of them in there I realized they were playing with toys. I told them again it was time for bed.

He took her into our room to brush her teeth. I was in the kitchen making our dinner and I hear Jane run towards me saying, "Read a book". Right after, Brandt yells, "No! I said DON'T tell her we're going to read a book!"

She stopped dead in her tracks and started screaming with sadness. It was so sad to see. I think she was startled that 1, he raised his voice (not in a mean way of course) and 2, I think she thought she wasn't getting a book.

We comforted her and after a few minutes she stopped crying. I had her say, "Dad, it's not nice to be sneaky." Brandt then said as I walked back to the kitchen, "Don't worry, I'll teach you all my sneaky ways so you can be a pro at it."

Stinker, stinker sneaker pants!!!

30 minutes passed her bed time, she's finally in her crib :)

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