Monday, July 25, 2011

Day Care Sprinkler

While up at Aspen Grove, Jane was cared for for about 5 hours a day. It was SOOOO nice. Brandt and I felt like it was just us again, like little love birds. I totally forgot how it felt to not be a mom and just to be a wife. I love being a mom, wouldn't trade it for anything but now I think I need this feeling about once every 2 years at the least.

We spent our days playing shuffle board, mini golf, frisbee golf, pottery, archery and going to guest lectures. I was super stressed the first day wondering how she was doing but she didn't even look back every time we dropped her off.

One day they brought out a sprinkler and Brandt and I went to take pictures of our little girl playing in it...

A little hesitant:

One of her teachers getting Jane wet:

She loved playing in the cozy coupes. Maybe one day when we own a house I'll get one.

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