Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Fourth

We headed to Utah on July 3rd and have done a bazillion things since being here. So much so that my sister, who I talk to 5 times a day usually, texted me after 2 weeks of no contact asking if she'd done something to offend me. Brandt left for home on the 16th but Jane and I are still hanging out here.

We kicked off our vacation by going to the Orem (or Provo, they are the same to me) 4th of July parade. Ann and Brandt went super early in the morning to get spots and breakfast so all Jane and I had to do was show up. It was a LONG parade, which was a good thing because sometimes they go so fast you wonder if it's worth going to. Brandt's cousins came so that made it even more fun.

Here are some pictures of the festivities...

One happy family:

Dad and his little angel:

Jane eating HALF of the sandwich Ann and Brandt got for us. She devoured it:

Jane waving to all the policemen in the parade. She sure loves her men in uniform:

Jane dancing to some music. She is always so focused on her dance moves:

At one point they threw out some incredibly bad choking hazard candies. Brandt got one for Jane and I promptly switched it out for a dum dum I had saved for this moment. She LOVED it.

Later that day (after naps) we went to the Provo Fair. Ann spoiled Jane and let her ride some rides. I have come to realize this trip that Jane is a thrill seeker. She loves climbing high things, going really fast and doing anything that is crazy. She loved every minute of the rides and was sad to have to stop. We also shared a funnel cake which resulted in Ann being covered in powdered sugar. She did ask for extra sugar on top... Anyway, it was a great day.

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Katherine said...

Yay for new posts! These photos are adorable!