Monday, August 29, 2011

Potty Training Day 1

We started potty training Jane yesterday. We started off by waking her up and singing "Happy potty training day to you!" and she was so excited. She had a few accidents in the morning, did great the rest of the day until the evening when she had a couple more.

She was excited to get a treat every time the timer went off and she had dry pants. She'd scream and giggle and run to the bathroom every time it beeped (every 15 minutes). When we got there she'd check to see if Irma (her doll) was dry and then herself and if they were they both got a piece of candy.

Later that night we had a cupcake party, because every Happy Potty Day needs cupcakes. She got one green balloon and one cupcake. Here are some pictures of that part...

Conducting the music as we sang "Happy potty training day to you!":

Testing the cupcake:

Ok, it's a go. She dug right in:

She did wake up around 10pm crying. We think she had a tummy ache from all the candy :( So, today she only gets one piece of candy if she's dry. She's done GREAT! She stayed dry for 2 hours while we were out running errands today and went potty at 2 of the places we went. Go Jane!

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