Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1st Official Night Fright

Update: I asked her what he looked like and she said, "a guy". I asked her what he was wearing and she said, "a nice shirt and bloomers". I love her!

Last night a little after midnight Jane woke up freaking out. I only heard about it the next morning since Brandt got up and helped her through it.

Aparently when he went in, she was on one side of her bed screaming about how there was "a guy" on the other side by the wall. He talked to her about it but she wouldn't budge. He sang to her but she wouldn't budge and kept screaming. Nothing seemed to help, she was sure there was "a guy" in her bed. He finally asked her if she wanted to sleep in the crib and she said yes. She went right back to sleep.

My first thought after hearing the story, besides how sad I felt for her was, "Oooh Jane, that wasn't a smart move. If there was a guy in your room you wouldn't be able to get out of the crib."

I can only think of two things that could have caused this fright. 1) The enormous Halloween statue of the Death Reaper blocking one of the isles I tried to go down at CVS. She would not follow me. We had to walk down a different isle. Or, 2) The firefighter statue at the Children's Museum which talks when you press a button. She wanted to press the button but ended up being too scared.

I feel so bad for her. I am still sometimes terrified that there are "bad guys" in our apartment when Brandt's not here and I hate that it's already started for her. Any tips? She doesn't watch real TV and rarely cartoons but I can't control decorations or things she finds scary that really aren't... Poor girly. She was still talking about it this morning and was showing us where the guy was.


the fellers said...

oh nightmares are the worst! you can't do anything for them, and nothing seems to help, like right in that moment....

Some suggestions, we try and get our kids to go up to those scary things with us, we touch them and talk about how they arent real and how "silly" thy are. I dont know if it helps, but we try and make them realize they arent real....if it keeps up, we try and get "special spray" to get rid of the monsters or whatever they think is in their room. Rylee thought there were ants and spiders in her room for a long time, EVERY night she would wake up SCREAMING about it, it was really exhausting, I had to have her help me strip her bed down, prove that there were none, help wash her sheets, etc....

I dont know if that good luck!!

Mike and Heather said...

Ashleigh was my worst with that, my best advice is it doesn't last too long. Don't wake them up, just cuddle and hold her till she settles down, and they grow out of it fast thank goodness! She is such a cutie!!

Anonymous said...

I was afraid of intruders my whole childhood, my nightmares have never ever subsided and I hardly watched any tv as a child. I used a nightlight in my room, which may have helped sometimes when I got scared of pure darkness, but the fact she wanted to sleep in the crib I guess she just wanted to feel more enclosed from whatever was wandering around in her mind. I would always resort to my closet and fall asleep. More tips? Give her stuffed animals and play classical music lightly in the background if her dreams like that ever pick up persistently again. Otherwise, that was purely just an episode where she was trying to deal with something in real life, like that thing in the store, so "the fellers" advice would most like work on things like that next time