Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Because it's been a while...

Here's an update post...

I am now 34 weeks into the pregnancy. My hips are killing and I can walk about 2 blocks max in a day or it's out and painful the rest of the day. Besides that little issue, I'm doing great, just getting bigger and bigger. Still shooting to have this little girl on 11.11.11.

Jane is doing sweet things to my belly or as she calls it, "baby sister". I spilled apple juice on it and she said, "I'm SORRY baby sister!!". She tries to give it sips from her sippy cup, shows it cool toys and gives it hugs.

She started gymnastics a few weeks ago. The teacher remembered her from the year before and had her demonstrate the log roll in front of the class. She was a pro and showed off her mad skill. She LOVES the climbing wall, can do a somersault without thinking about it and is trying her darnedest to do the balance beam without any help.

She received a scooter from a friend and figured it out in 2 seconds flat. She loves to ride it everywhere we go. When she wakes up in the morning or from naps, the first words out of her mouth are "Where's my cooter!?"

Potty training is going... well? Some days she'll have 4 accidents but other days she won't have any. She has been waking up about 12am EVERY night saying she needs to go potty though and it's making Brandt tired (he doesn't wake me for it). She stays dry almost every night and for most her naps but we're not sure what to do about that midnight potty break.

Overall, we're doing great and are excited and super nervous about the little one joining us next month. I'll try to post more pictures (because I know that's what you love) and I'm sure charging the camera right now will help.

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