Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Costumes 2011

I saved the best for last today... This year we went as a Garden Gnome Family. I bought Jane's costume on After Halloween Clearance last year at Target for $2 and then made our costumes to match it. It wasn't too hard (after I realized the needle kept jamming because it needed to be changed... grrr) and kind of fun because I gave myself about a month to do pieces here and there.

Friday night we all wore them to our ward's trunk-or-treat and again on Saturday down to Andersonville where we took Jane trick-or-treating to participating businesses. She got SOOO much candy on Saturday. We'll take her out once more tonight but only she will be wearing her outfit (we're costumed out).

Here are some pictures from Saturday... NO JUDGING MY PREGNANT FACE (I only have 2 weeks left tops)!!!

I love this picture. SOOO much pink!

Eating her 1st (of 3) piece of candy. 

Back at home and after the 3rd piece of candy. She was NUTS!!! I think 1 is her limit!

The happy Garden Gnome Family :)

Now... what should we be next year... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!


Celia said...

you only have 2 weeks left? you are still small!!! :) cute cute costumes!! :D ... next year y'all should beeeeeeee smurfs!!

Anna said...

love the costumes. looks like you have had a fun halloween

Courtney said...

SO cute, Christina!