Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jane and the funny things she does.

-No matter how many times we tell her it's called a "tiara" she still calls it a "tortilla". I think she's the only princess that wears a tortilla.

-I love that I taught Jane to say "I'm a trick rider" when she stands on her bike seat without holding onto anything. She's so cool.

-This morning I said to Jane, "Here comes the sun do do do do" and she responded with, "It's all right". Ha! She really does listen when we say stuff.

-Jane just said, "Mom, I love you SO much. Don't cry ANY more (shakes her finger). Only be happy." Love her.  

-Jane just cracked up laughing for 10 minutes straight (because she tooted). Finally she stopped, looked at me with a straight face and said, "I'm tired." You think? 

-I just dropped and spilled a huge container of flour on the floor while making bread and DIDN'T get upset. I actually busted up laughing because it covered the whole front of Jane and she just stood there shocked. "WHAT IS that mom?" she said.

-I saw someone speed through a stop sign and said to Jane, "Someone just broke the law." Jane responded with, "Someone going to fix it?" I have a very logical little girl.  

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