Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Carving 2011

This year we bought a pumpkin, only to find it completely molded on the bottom and into our table 3 days later! I was MAD! I took it back to the store and they happily replaced it with 2 better ones which we carved over the next two days.

Here are pictures of Brandt and Jane carving them: "I can do it all by myself!"

"This isn't gross at all!"


 "Ok, maybe a little gross."

Meet Mr. Jack the Pumpkin Head. Jane requested he have a mustache.

The next night we carved the other. Meet Jill the Baby Pumpkin Head.

All lit up!

So they lasted about 3 days before caving in on themselves. Word of advice... don't put a pumpkin on your table without something underneath it...

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