Sunday, November 06, 2011


I have about 10 minutes till it's time to feed Wendy so I thought I'd share what Jane's been up to lately...

She is obsessed with the doors in our apartment. She is constantly opening and shutting them. The reason she's obsessed is because she discovered they have locks on them. I was surprised this morning by a loud "click" when I shut the bathroom door. I guess she left that one locked but didn't shut it. Luckily the locks can be unlocked by simply inserting scissors and turning them.

She is also obsessed with taking the number magnets off the fridge and saving them in different places. I went to get a pacifier out of a little bag for Wendy and found about 6 of them there.

She has been super sweet to Wendy. When she wakes up from a nap or comes home from somewhere she asks where the baby is. Unfortunately she thinks her name is "Bendy" (a cross between baby sister and Wendy). We'll see how long it takes her to get it right :)

She is constantly surprising us with correct usage of words. Last night she said, "It's pretty dark outside". A full, correct, and true sentence. She's getting so big!

We love her to pieces!

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