Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wendy: 2 Weeks

Wendy is doing just fine. She was up to 5 lbs 12 ounces a week ago so is gaining weight just fine. She LOVES having baths until you start rinsing her off and then she goes nuts (just like Jane did). She is still only sleeping in 3 hour increments at night but that's expected I guess. I can't wait till she only has 1 feeding at night.

Jane loves her. The other day we came home from an outing and Brandt put Wendy (who was in her car seat) in our room. I guess the door didn't shut all the way because about 10 minutes later, when I heard Jane say, "Awwww" I KNEW she was in there with Wendy. She had opened the car seat cover and was playing with Wendy's hand. Wendy was fussing and I'm pretty sure it was because Jane had stuck the carrot stick she was eating in Wendy's mouth. Not good on MANY accounts but mainly because Jane is sick and now Wendy has a stuffy nose. Oh well. At least Jane has good intentions :)

Here are some picture we took of Wendy on the awesome quilt my Aunt Susan sent Jane...


Angela said...

You sure make me the prettiest nieces!

Danielle said...

Wendy is so precious, I can see Jane in her of course and you:) I wish I could give her cuddles, I hope we can Skype soon. Love you all xoxo