Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa and the Misses

Jane and I went to Navy Pier with some friends on Friday and had a blast. On our way in we saw Santa. He was being interviewed by a news station so there was no one in line. I asked how long till he'd be finished and they said 5 minutes so started a line for him.

Jane was REALLY shy. She didn't want to go near him but was ok as long as I stayed with her every second. She did talk to him, telling him that she wanted a long lego (a long duplo piece which she has one of and is obsessed with). She said Merry Christmas to the both of them and we went on our way. Here's a picture. It's a screen grab from their site because I wasn't going to fork out $25 for an impromptu photo...

Santa had to have been in his 20's but the misses was elderly... creepy :)

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the fellers said...

And Santa is skinny! Very cute pic though!