Monday, December 05, 2011

What's been up you ask?

2 kids, cleaning the house, making dinner and trying to rest leaves little time for blogging... Still trying to figure it all out.

We went to Detroit to visit the Jenkins (Brandt's cousins) for Thanksgiving. We drove up Monday and came back Saturday. The drives went PERFECTLY! Brandt figured out where we'd be when and where there were parks so when I had to feed Wendy Jane could play. Jane didn't need the ipod or snacks until the last 30 minutes the way there and a little bit more on the way back. Both girls did great!

The visit was really fun. We LOVE those guys! We played, ate great food, went bowling, saw a movie, did Chuck E. Cheese, the adults went on a date to a GREAT Thai place, made a Costco and recycling run, and went to Krispy Kream for some yummy donuts Thanksgiving morning. One day Brandt went to work with Whitney (because they both work in the same field) and I got to take quite a few naps.

Brandt went back to work on the 28th. My first week alone went great but I'm still trying to figure out how to juggle everything. There's no time for me to nap during the day but hopefully soon there will be when naps change.

She's awesome. Lately she's been sleeping from 10:30 pm to about 4-5pm!!! She's been down to 1 night feeding for over a week and it really helps. She's a fast eater and great sleeper so what more can you ask for. She still looks concerned and worried a lot but hopefully we'll get smiles out of her soon.

She's pretty cool too. She's obsessed with her Lego's and will play with them for hours. She also LOVES singing and actually has an impressive range of notes. She sings like a real person, not like a typical monotone child. It's cute to listen to. She still has a couple accidents but is doing great with potty training (almost always wakes up dry from naps and nighttime). We just started trying to get her to stop sucking her thumb by putting Cayenne pepper on it. We asked her if she sucked her thumb after the first time and she said, "No, I'm too scared." Haha... sweet.

She's had frustration and listening issues since Wendy has been with us but I guess that's typical with a 2.5 year old. We're working on it and trying to show her nothing but love. She keeps us laughing though. The other day when we were putting coats on she sang, "Oh what you do to me, oh what you do to me." and we started busting up. Our little girl was singing "Hey there Delilah." that she apparently just picked up for the radio in the car. I love her little surprises.

And that's about it. 2nd child definitely gets less pictures but luckily they look exactly alike so she's not REALLY missing out :) Will try to take and post some soon though.

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