Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Christmas 2011

This year Christmas lasted a long time! We woke up, opened stockings, made and ate a big breakfast, got ready for church, went to church (and blessed Wendy), came home, made dinner, ate AND THEN opened presents! It was fun to spread it out throughout the day.

Here are some pictures from when we opened gifts...

Jane was really excited to open the presents after helping everyone empty their stockings earlier that day. Here she is opening one from my mom.

We asked her what it was and she said, pointing to EACH PIECE, "It's that one and that one and that one and that one..." I think she was confused by all the food, thinking it was all real. After opening the box though, she was SOOO excited to have food that she could play with.

She was really good at opening the presents this year. She even helped everyone open their own.

Super excited about this fridge magnet toy from her Uncle James.

After a while though, she got kind of bored. While we were opening some of our presents I looked over at her doing this. She was SOOOO bored!

But we saved the best gift for last... her very own kitchen that Brandt and his Dad put together the night before. She is IN LOVE with it. When she wakes up in the morning she doesn't even want to get milk, she just wants to play with her kitchen. Notice the different pj's (both were a gift from Grandma B this year)? Yeah, she loves this kitchen so much that she forgets to um, use the potty... it's a problem :)
I walked into her room and she was holding her fake knife. Then, to feel how smooth it was (I'm guessing that's the reason) she slide it across her throat. Yikes!! We talked to her about how that's the ONLY knife she's allowed to play with :)

We were once again, SPOILED this year. We heave the best family and friends!

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