Thursday, January 19, 2012

Drummer Girl

I'm not 100% sure what Jane will be into when she's older but I do know one thing she will be into is music... probably rock music. She's always drumming on things. She's always singing and jumping around. She's always saying, "No. You sing, Dad whistle and I drum.", and then we all do it. She's already directing us! In the car she's always asking about the music... One time a guy and girl were doing a duet and she said, "Mom, where the guy go?" When she gets a little older I'll get her into some music program. I know she will LOVE it!

Here are some pictures of her drumming the other day. She set up the stool, flipped over the Lego container and went at it all on her own.

Running in circles around the drums singing VERY loudly:

Which turns into this:

And eventually to this:

Oh, how we love our crazy 'Hurricane' Jane!

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