Friday, February 17, 2012

Brandt's an OLD Man!

Brandt turned 30 last month. We had a blast celebrating. He designed 3 different fancy pants burgers and the instructions on how to build them, I made the mini buns, his co-worker supplied the INCREDIBLY delicious fresh beef and our friend Joseph manned the grill. I also made a million mini cupcakes (and ate too many), some cowboy caviar and a bunch of jalapeno poppers. Everything was amazing and we had a great time. Here's to many more birthdays to celebrate.

How to build your burgers:

Ate too many of these too:

The Sweet Brie Burger (SOOOO GOOOOOD):

Proud Birthday Boy sporting the Southwestern Burger:

The evening before his actual birthday I asked him if he wanted me to make some cookies for him to bring to work (I have every year) and he said no. The next morning at about 7:20am he looked at me so sweetly and said, "It'd probably be a good idea to bring something." I said, "Cookies?" He responded with, "Do you think you have time?" Ha! Sure, anything for my birthday boy :)

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Holly said...

Happy Birthday Brandt!!
I'm sad I missed the burgers - those look super yummy!!