Monday, February 13, 2012

"He's getting married?"

As Brandt was rushing out the door to go to Stake Conference we had the following conversation:

Jane: "Where are you going?"

Dad: "I'm going to Church."

Jane: "I want to come."

Dad: "This is a special Saturday church for grownups. Love you, bye!"

Jane (turns to me): "He's getting married?"

Dad (opens the door and snickers at me): "Yup! See ya!"

Me: "No, he's not getting married."

Jane: "He's getting baptized by (inaudable)?"

Me: "He's going to get baptized by who?"

Jane: "By Jesus."

Me: "Wow! You're smart, but no, he's just going to the Stake Center for Stake Conference."

Jane: "Stake Conferererererernce?"

I'm amazed at what she holds onto from what we tell her and her lessons from nursery. She's a SMART crazy girl!

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