Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Knock Knock Frizz Ball

Jane's favorite knock knock joke said exactly how she says it super fast in one breath:

"Kock knock it's ken who can I come in it's freezing outside!"

Last night I did 7 corn rows in Jane's hair for the purpose of taking it out and her having super crazy hair in the morning. It took 2 hours to do but worth it because she looks like this today:

This is her doing ballet with her "stick baby" (he lives outside because he's not allowed inside):

At our awesome breakfast of lemon and cream cheese stuffed french toast topped with a raspberry sauce (yes, you should be jealous), I told Brandt I was going to take Jane's braids out so she'd be super frizzy and Jane lifted her head and said in a panic, "No! I don't want to be frizzy!" Wow, that was all one sentence...

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These are all the little things said...

so cute. maybe I'll do that with kooper.