Thursday, March 01, 2012

Jane and the funny things she does

-Jane: "We don't wet the bed. If we wet the bed, pee pee bugs will come and get us. And they will crawl on us." That's right, Jane.

-Made Jane laugh so hard yesterday that she threw up... out her nose. Best. Mom. EVER.

-It's Jane's job to start the dishwasher. She does it every other day and EVERY TIME she asks if she can taste the soap. I have always had to grab her hand and say "no" right before she puts it in her mouth. This morning I decided to let her try it so she knows how gross it is. My mistake. She said it was delicious after tasting it twice, put it in the dishwasher and wanted to take it back out for another taste. She does this every time now.

-Me: "Jane, did you just lick the screen?" 
Jane: "No, I'm just smelling it. It smells like snigarettes, no, snigapums." 
Me: "Sugarplums?" 
Jane: "Yes, sugarplums."

Now she is going around smelling all the screens and saying they smell like sugarplums...


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