Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wendy: 4 Months

Wendy is 4 months old now! Seems like we've always had her. She's wonderful and always makes us smile.

We dropped the dream feed right when she turned 4 months (way later than we should have) AND put her in Jane's room at night. They're champs! The first night they slept from 7pm to 6:20am, then 7pm to 6:30am and this morning, 7pm to 7am. It really hasn't been bad but every time I think that I make sure to knock on wood. I'm just waiting for the storm to hit... yikes! She's still being swaddled and we are experimenting with an arm out but I don't think she's ready to drop it.

Went for her 4 month check-up at the beginning of the month and here are her stats:
Weight: 14 lbs 15 oz (75th%)
Height: 24 1/2 inches (50th%)
Head: 15 1/2 inches (25th%)

She was a wreck during the whole appointment but calmed down when I held her. Turns out her flat head is affecting her face (I still think she's beautiful) and pushing features on one side of her head forward, causing her face to be asymmetrical. I took her to Cranial Technologies for a consultation and because it's affecting her face, it's moderate on a mild, moderate, severe scale. She was measured for the DOC Band (baby helmet) and will get it on Thursday. She should only have to wear it for 8 weeks (23 hours a day).

She just started sticking out her little pointy tongue like Jane was born doing. I love seeing it poke through her lips. She's started kicking more and is starting to blow little bubbles. Our favorite thing right now is that she is always grinning with her mouth WIDE open and leans into you like she's going to eat you. Cracks us up.

She has such a calm and sweet personality. She LOVES to be held and just cuddle. Jane loves to help out with her and really wants to change Wendy's diaper all on her own but I just don't want to clean up that kind of mess :)

Love this girl!

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