Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter at the Park District

Our park district hosted an Easter egg hunt in the gym this year so I took Jane to it. It was kind of different. They threw a million empty eggs on the floor and each kid was supposed to fill up their buckets, bring them to the front, "recycle" their eggs for next year and they would get a prize.

Jane was very overwhelmed when we walked in because not only were there a ton of people, there were so many eggs she didn't know where to begin. I'm sure me trying to get a good picture instead of helping her didn't help. She eventually started picking up the eggs when I asked her to find a certain color and quickly filled up her bucket.

Then, the Easter bunny came around and she got to meet him.

He gave her an egg and she was over the moon!

At one point she spilled her bucket and scrambled SO fast to pick them all back up like someone was going to take them. Guess she didn't notice the hundreds of eggs still on the floor.

They had a table of little stuffed animals that the kids could pick from. Almost all of them looked like they were crafted in the dark except for 2 so I let her choose between those. She chose a cute little blue bunny, which she still loves and always plays with. Here is Jane on our way home with her besty Katie.

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