Monday, April 02, 2012

The girls

I love having daughters. I'd be okay with all girls (but hope to have a boy sometime). They are fun and sweet.

Wendy is 5 months today! She has located her voice box and I'm loving it. She mostly uses it for laughing, which always makes me laugh. Other times she uses it to let us know just how angry she's feeling and boy can she scream! She's started stretching her back more and it getting close to rolling over. She's doing much better with her band and I can already see a difference in the shape of her head. We only had to go to Skokie 4 times in one week because of really bad heat rash and red pressure spots but I think most of that has passed and she's adjusted to it. I'm glad we got it for her, even though we're spending a million dollars in gas, getting to and from all the appointments :) It's okay Wendy, when you're a head model you can pay us back. Here's our angel...

Bust'n a gut laughing:

Nom nom nom:

Love that tongue:

Jane is doing super great too. Potty training has gotten much better. She only has an occasional accident. She is being super sweet to us and Wendy. We were talking the other night of how we think she's finally completely adjusted to having her in our home. It's nice to have my Jane back. She's always asking for a "kiss and a hug", which I'm more than happy to give. She always wants to give Wendy her pacifier when she cries... or when she is sleeping so we're working on that. She loves being read to, playing with her bestie Katie, filling up buckets with rocks and talking "gibberish". Here's our crazy girl...

Showing me how to smile:

This is her tail. She REALLY wanted it:

My girl:

(I absolutely LOVE playing with Jane's hair. I find the most fun styles end up leaving her looking like an early 90's girl!)


Angela said...

Oh my goodness they both look sooooo cute!

Rebecca said...

I agree they are both cute. It is great that your family is growing. I hope you get to have a boy some day as well. Take care hon